Updating MacPorts on Mavericks quirks

Sorry, this isn’t a guide, just a quick note stating what I did to overcome the error I received.

Error: /opt/local/bin/port: port selfupdate failed: Error installing new MacPorts base: command execution failed

Simple solution:

sudo xcode-select --install
sudo port -v selfupdate

Yeah one would think that.. unless you closed the window that opened asking if you wanted to install the Command Line Tools, and you then followed the Update function from App Store to do “the exact same thing”.

So yeah, I stupidly did the later. Run the selfupdate and, nothing, well I ended up getting this:

checking for Tcl configuration...
configure: error: Can't find Tcl configuration definitions

I then decided to go back to the start and follow everything perfectly (in other words, don’t close the prompt you fool).

sudo xcode-select --install
hash -r
sudo /opt/local/bin/port -v selfupdate
sudo /opt/local/bin/port -v upgrade outdated

Probably not sage advice, but it got my dev environment back up and running again.

Back on CORE

Well it seems that Apple has yet again screwed me out of an app. Not that it would have made me rich and famous.

It seems that Apple is forcibly removing any Bitcoin related functionality from iOS apps. This somewhat bites, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t still use the app for personal use deployed locally. If I feel nice enough I might open source it when ever I jump back onto the project and finish it.

Not all is lost though, since I’ve hit a dead end with that app, I’ve jumped back onto the CORE project to finish that off and deploy before the end of the year.

I was focused on the news module and converting the data from an old side project into the new CORE schema so that I could remove that old code base and run everything off CORE. Data migration was too easy, as if the way that I structured things hadn’t really changed over the past 2 years, is that a good thing or bad?

Now I just have to do the presentation layer and the admin interface and news is somewhat done.

Those moments…

I decided to jump back into iOS development on the weekend. I’ve tried a few times before, and while I can say that I didn’t fail, I also didn’t succeed[1]. The language wasn’t the hurdle, the lack of knowledge on how to do trivial things was what killed the motivation, and on the times that I endured I eventually figured it out, the solution felt convoluted and always had me asking “Really?”.

This time things seem to be moving smoother. I was able to get around some of the hurdles that I’d hit previously thanks to recently added native handling for certain commonly used actions. I was even able to head out to a café and work in a public space while shoppers passed by, which I actually found to be my most productive problem solving period of the weekend.

One of my biggest issues currently is pre sleep “Eureka!” moments. Since I’m trying to get to sleep at a regular hour, these moments are heartbreaking. You spend an hour or so getting back into the language after coding in another language all day. You finally wrap your head around where you were up to the previous day when you last had a moment and then BAM! another wall. You toil for the next thirty minutes of so trying to figure out a way around it, then upon finally getting the answer that means you can progress again, it’s time to sleep.

It pains me to have to stop right in the middle of a cycle only to have to try and pick it up 20 hours later. Is the sleep really worth it?

[1] Having an application denied due to not taking full advantage of the device is demotivating, but the story of an App that I use daily that will never see the light of day publicly is another story, which may or may not be told.

Extra Life 2013 - Game summary

So to sum up my Extra Life game play this year:

Hellboy: The Science of Evil - The game had all the makings of win, but the game play let it down. Also the game went from bad to a living nightmare when Aimy pointed out that the sirens I was hearing in the last level were the same from Silent Hill. Bricks were shat, and I couldn’t finish that game fast enough. Reliving Silent Hill was not a great start to the event… maybe next year a Silent Hill marathon.

Front Mission Evolved - I picked up from where I left off with this game and quickly stopped. I don’t know where I left off in that game and where I was, wasn’t the nicest place to start again in.

N3 (Ninety-Nine Nights) - I miss Dynasty Warriors, but I think that this game will stop me from buying yet another clone of the same game just with a better engine and more characters. I only finished the first characters storyline, but I might go back and play the rest of them. I want to know what happens. I also left the game annoyed at having a B ranking for one level, and C for the last.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - Having a very limited supply of ammo makes this game hard, and considering that I hadn’t played it for a year or more, the handling and lack of knowledge of the game was really taxing me. Unfortunately I stopped playing it after an hour or so.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - I ended up playing this from about 3AM -> 4AM to get achievements. I actually got a fair few but yeah it ended.

Around 4AM I had to give in for the night. Having already been up for 22hrs, I started getting motion sickness (which is usually the result of bad FOV and considering that I was about to start playing Assassins Creed, I knew the stress would not end well.

Assassins Creed 2: Revelations -  Why did I stop playing this game? The story is amazing, the glitching effects are done well, everything feels right and I know that I’m now addicted again. 8 hours of game play sunk into that finished off the 24 hour stint for me.